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Glue fixing of electronic board components

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  The electronic industry is one of the most popular industries for dispensing application. Solder paste, black glue and silica gel are all used in the automatic dispensing machine. Among them, the electronic board components are fixed by the way of silica gel bonding. After silica gel solidifies, it can play the role of glue paste body, which can fix the components between the electronic boards, so that the components are not directly affected.
  The electronic board component dispensing can use the automatic dispensing machine which belongs to silica gel application, that is, the silica gel dispensing machine produced by our company, which not only meets the requirements of silica gel dispensing, but also takes into account the dispensing effect, both of which have their advantages. Silica gel dispensing machine is a machine specially produced for the use of silica gel, and the use of silica gel dispensing is more suitable than general machines, of course, the price is the same with other machines, only on accessories Some changes have been made, but the price has not changed.
  Silica gel dispenser is a device based on desktop automatic dispenser, which can solve the problem of glue dispensing, so as to control the glue flow, electronic board component dispensing, bulb lamp dispensing, etc., all of which can meet the requirements. The main reason is that our company has made modifications on the basis of the original machine, and the production effect will be more consistent, so as to achieve various dispensing requirements, but the glue application has not changed.