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Leakage of dispensing needle and solution

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The standard multi axis dispensing machine has the problem of glue leakage on the dispensing needle. Do you know what causes it?
Needle leakage
Causes of leakage of dispensing needle
1. There is back pressure between the dispensing valve and the dispensing needle, which leads to the formation of a vacuum, without the effect of back suction.
2. The sealing ring of dispensing valve leaks, and the axis recovery position is not in place, resulting in leakage of dispensing needle.
3. The use width of dispensing needle is too large, which affects the leakage of dispensing needle.
Solution to leakage of dispensing needle
1. The back air pressure can be replaced by a needle, and the problem of dispensing needle can be solved by replacing a larger needle.
2. According to the sealing ring, the reset of dispensing valve can be avoided
3. Replace the small dispensing needle to prevent it from not working.
There are many problems to pay attention to when using the dispensing needle in the multi axis dispensing machine. The leakage of the dispensing needle directly affects the product quality and is not conducive to the production of the product. Now, many types of machines use the spray dispensing valve, which can avoid the problems of dispensing, drawing, leakage and dropping, so as to form a better dispensing embodiment and meet the needs of more manufacturers.