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Silica gel solution for bulb lamp

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  Silica gel has the properties of insulation and waterproof, which are widely used in industrial electrical appliances. For example, when the bulb lamp is used for dispensing, a silica gel dispensing machine will be used, and the equipment made of three-axis structure will be used, which has good circular gluing effect. When the bulb lamp is placed manually, the machine will automatically dispense the glue. The combination of the two can reduce the cost to the lowest, and the production efficiency is faster. There is also a full-automatic silica gel dispensing machine, which uses a machine The manipulator places the product.
  The dispensing of bulb lamp is mainly carried out at the junction of lamp holder and lamp tube. Apply a layer of glue on the periphery, and then combine the lamp holder and lamp tube. The bulb lamp production is complete and fast. In 2 seconds, only one bulb lamp dispensing is completed every 2 seconds. The dispensing time is 2 seconds for individual manual production. The production speed is definitely insufficient and cannot meet the requirements of mass production , unless mass production is used.
  Silicone dispenser can solve some problems that are hard to meet the dispensing requirements by hand. Although it can be produced by hand, the speed is very difficult. But now many products make money by quantity. In order to speed up the production, consider the silicone dispenser, which can solve the existing problems of dispensing! Avoid the situation that dispensing cannot be controlled and production cannot be controlled.