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Automatic gelatinization of liquid silica gel

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   Liquid silica gel is a kind of two-component glue. The proportion of glue has great advantages. It needs to be equipped with a proper two-component silicone dispenser to meet the requirements of liquid silica gel dispensing. The two-component glue mainly depends on the mixing proportion of glue. The mixing effect determines the use of glue. According to the mixing requirements of liquid silica gel, it needs to be equipped with a defoamer to really use liquid silica gel dispensing Requirement.
  Ordinary automatic gelatinizer can not meet the requirements of liquid silicone gelatinization, but our company is specialized in producing automatic gelatinizer. In addition to single component silicone dispenser, there are also two-component silicone gelatinizer, which can meet the requirements of liquid silicone gelatinization according to the proportion requirements, so as to solve the problem of glue water gelatinization.
  After the liquid silica gel is mixed, bubbles will appear, which need to be eliminated. The existence of bubbles will directly affect the glue quantity, so that the dispensing cannot be applied according to the requirements. Why to solve the problem of bubbles? If it can be used for ten years after encapsulation, the bubble product may have only one year service life, and the bubbles will greatly affect the product quality. The two difficulties of liquid silica gel gelatinization are automatic mixing of glue and bubble elimination. To solve these two problems, automatic gelatinization can be realized.
  Our company is specialized in the production of dispensing equipment manufacturers, including the type of dispenser, dispenser and applicator. The dispenser is specially used for glue mixing. As long as combined with bubble eliminator, it can directly solve the problem of liquid silica gel coating and achieve silica gel dispensing. Our company can still do it. If your company has demand, you may as well find us for product proofing! If it is successful, we can see the effect of proofing products to see whether we have materials.