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Recommended by stainless steel automatic pressure barrel man

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  Dongguan area alone has a lot of pressure barrel manufacturers, how to find a strong manufacturer? You can come to our company! Our company specializes in producing dispensing equipment and dispensing accessories, including stainless steel pressure barrel, dispensing valve, dispensing needle barrel, etc. these accessories are all produced, and we can also customize accessories according to the manufacturer's own requirements, which is the small recommended pressure barrel manufacturer.
  There are two types of pressure buckets: carbon steel and stainless steel. They have the same manufacturing process, different materials, different production difficulties, and different cost and price. These are the main reasons that affect the price. The use effect of the two is not much different, and the service life is very long. The price of automatic pressure buckets is also very cheap in our company. The price of carbon steel pressure buckets is 180 yuan, and that of stainless steel pressure buckets is 180 yuan It's 220 yuan. It's a package.
  The price of the automatic pressure barrel depends on the material and the quantity of liters. The stainless steel material is more expensive than the carbon steel. The automatic pressure barrel is the price of the carbon steel material, which is naturally much cheaper. If the manufacturer needs the quantity of liters, it can choose the appropriate accessories. The pressure barrel can be customized according to the quantity of liters. Because the service life of the pressure barrel is very long, so each pressure barrel is customized According to the current situation, the stainless steel pressure barrels manufactured by our company are all the same.
  The service life of carbon steel pressure barrel is about two or three years. The glue with high corrosion cannot be used. Generally, the service life of glue pressure barrel is very long. The price of automatic pressure barrel will be more expensive than that of other accessories. This is the main reason. If your company needs stainless steel pressure barrel or carbon steel pressure barrel, the recommended pressure barrel manufacturer is made in China. The price of automatic pressure barrel is reasonable and the technology is reasonable The technology is super high, which can produce the pressure barrel for you.