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Bluetooth headset point UV glue

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  The glue used for dispensing Bluetooth earphones is basically UV glue, which is a kind of glue with good solidification effect and harmless, and has good adhesiveness. Under specific conditions, the solidification speed is very fast. UV glue has a feature. After UV irradiation, the solidification speed is very fast. Generally, UV glue dispenser is used for dispensing Bluetooth earphones, which is a special machine for UV glue application.
  The glue used for bonding Bluetooth headset needs to be waterproof and dustproof, and also needs to have certain heat-proof function, while UV glue completely meets this standard. The advantage of using UV dispenser is that it can realize automatic glue control. The dispensing accuracy required by Bluetooth headset is very low, only a layer of glue around the ear shell is needed for fixation and bonding.
  Bluetooth headset has a very small volume, and it can prevent chips and circuit boards from inside. These accessories need to be fixed, and the two parts of Bluetooth headset need to be connected. The requirements for glue control are very high, and the glue setting time needs to be within a certain period of time. In order to meet this standard, the requirements for the machine are quite high, and the dispensing task can be better realized by targeted machines. However, our company The UV dispenser, from dispensing technology to glue application, is manufactured according to the dispensing requirements of Bluetooth headset, especially in line with the demand.
  UV dispensing machine adopts desktop structure, with automatic control device and mechanical axis, which can realize three-dimensional space dispensing function. It has a very mature dispensing technology for face and face dispensing, and the dispensing effect of single-sided Bluetooth headset is better. After dispensing, two parts of headset need to be manually connected.