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Dispensing technology of bulk silica gel with machine

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  There are many types of silica gel. Different types of silica gel can be used in bulk, two-component and 300ml supporting silica gel. The matching of machines can also be different. For example, when using silica gel dispensing in bulk, a single liquid silica gel dispensing machine should be equipped, and then a stainless steel pressure bucket and silica gel dispensing valve should be equipped. Two kinds of accessories use one of the necessary accessories of silica gel in bulk, which is different from those of two-component and supporting silica gel.
  300 pieces of silica gel are matched with a sleeve, and glue is directly inserted into the sleeve without extruding the glue onto the pressure barrel or dispensing valve. The production steps are reduced to avoid the overflow of glue during extrusion, and glue is everywhere. 300 ml of silica gel cylinder is installed on the automatic dispensing machine to directly solve the problem of dispensing silica gel.
  The bulk silica gel dispensing is used as the main glue in the bulb lamp dispensing, the glue is stored on the pressure barrel, the silica gel dispensing valve is connected, the dispensing trajectory is programmed with the handle of the silica gel dispensing machine, the dispensing amount is adjusted, the trajectory is set according to the requirements of the bulb lamp dispensing, the dispensing amount is adjusted, the appropriate dispensing needle is replaced, and the preparation test before dispensing is conducted before dispensing.
  The silicone dispenser is based on the desktop type automatic dispenser, which has been modified by Chinese engineers. The machine is suitable for the glue with the same properties of silica gel and silica gel. The range of use is quite wide. The available glue shows that the industry can basically meet the requirements. This is also the dispensing equipment produced by our company with good technology. One machine can meet the requirements of various dispensing effects, except for the bulb lamp point Glue, lamp beads, light sources and so on can meet the needs.