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Requirements of air pump for automatic glue applicator

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  It is necessary to use the air pump to use the fully automatic glue applicator, and the air pump shall meet the requirements of the air pressure range of the machine. Air pump, also known as air compressor, is a machine that provides air pressure value. At present, air compressor is very important in the gluing and dispensing industries. It must be used. It needs to use air pressure to transport glue to the machine. The price of using air pressure is cheap, while the price of electricity will be several times more expensive. From the perspective of energy consumption, it is more cost-effective to use air.

  Air pressure limit for glue use

  In fact, the requirements of hot-melt glue sprayer for air pump are not very high. As long as the air pressure can be generated within 10kg, the air pressure over 10kg will also be limited by the pressure regulating valve. The air compressor can be purchased according to the actual production demand. If it is only used for hot-melt glue sprayer or other full-automatic glue applicator, and a single machine is purchased, the air pressure demand of the machine has been met.

Air pressure value and air pump price for glue

  Point horn glue is made by automatic glue applicator. The viscosity of glue is moderate, about 50000-8000. The fluidity is general. The requirement of automatic glue applicator is 0.3-0.5mpa air pressure range, which meets the air pressure value required for glue transportation. The importance of air compressor is very important. Without air pressure automatic glue applicator, there is no way to work. The price of buying an air compressor is also very low , the price is between 250-400 yuan, with long service life, and it can also be used to blow product dust.
  Air pump requirements are very low, need to point the horn glue and choose the machine, very cost-effective Oh! In order to improve the dispensing effect, this wish can be realized by purchasing hot melt glue sprayer. If your company needs any type of full-automatic glue applicator and air pump, you can consult our company and answer the new dispensing function for you. Horn glue is only one of them. There are many places where full-automatic glue applicator can be used! Where glue is needed, the machine can be used.