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The technical scheme of spraying hot melt adhesive on the su

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  Hot melt glue heating and spraying should use special machines. It is recommended that a suitable intelligent hot melt glue spraying machine be used for spraying glue on magnetic therapy pillow. It has special glue spraying technology, can control the glue spraying range, and is very convenient to adjust. It can also store a large amount of glue. Generally, hot melt glue is not suitable for storing glue in a pressure bucket. This hot melt glue spraying machine solves the problem of glue storage and heating Problem.
磁疗枕喷胶   Hot melt glue spraying needs to use glue spraying valve, which is not available for general glue spraying valve. It is refitted, able to insulate heat and spray glue, and also has heating function. Hot melt glue is transported from pipeline to glue spraying valve. If glue is not sprayed after a period of time, resulting in glue solidification, it can't be heated any more, and glue spraying valve is invalid, with high cost. Heating device is made to avoid this Problem.
  The spraying glue of the magnetic therapy pillow is a special project of our company, which has mature technology and can spray glue on the surface. The atomization effect of the glue is even, without water drop, it can spray on the magnetic therapy pillow completely. The softness of the glue is also very good, which does not affect the sleep quality, but also can penetrate on the surface, which is moisture-proof, dust-proof, non-toxic and harmless, and increases the texture of the magnetic therapy pillow 。
  The application of special machines in the corresponding industries will achieve better results. The hot-melt glue spray machine is used for the spray of magnetic therapy pillow, the effect meets the requirements, all kinds of parameters meet the production requirements, the production speed is fast, and various problems are avoided. It belongs to the production mode of developing advantages and avoiding disadvantages, and the features are the best. The hot-melt glue heating and spray are targeted. If it is used for the horn glue, It can't be realized for sure. Different glue properties require other dispensers to realize horn glue dispensing. Although the requirements for horn glue dispensing are very low, unsuitable accessories will become difficult.
床垫喷胶   Our company is specialized in manufacturing dispensing machines, including hot-melt glue, silica gel, black glue, double liquid glue, etc. there are many aspects involved in the products. If the manufacturers have needs, they can directly find our company and make quotations for your company. If they have needs, they can directly contact them with reasonable prices and fast production speed, which will definitely meet the needs of the manufacturers.