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Advantages of visual automatic dispensing machine

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Visual automatic dispensing machine is a high-tech dispensing equipment, utility and use very high quality package execution surface is mainly used in dispensing high repeatability of the production line, in the dispensing market sales and a very high degree of concern, so the visual automatic dispensing machine has what advantage can be based on the market?
Desktop visual automatic dispensing machine
Through a unique visual system configuration to realize the function of automatic dispensing of omnidirectional vision detection dispensing, dispensing machine is the other do not have the advantage of visual system can help the operator to check out the dispensing link situation, high precision vision system can perform accurate contraposition dispensing, can guarantee the consistency requirements of high repeatability bulk dispensing, dispensing through the visual system can ensure high precision and low error production advantages, to maximize the help manufacturers save cost.
Floor type visual automatic dispensing machine
Visual automatic dispensing machine generally adopts a floor type structure building, dispensing station is bigger so can simultaneously carry out mass dispensing work, through stainless steel to create so the long-term use is not easy to damage and paint, this is other types of dispensing machines do not have the advantage, through the automatic working mode, the operator only needs to ensure the dispensing the normal work and maintain the normal working environment, so the application in mass dispensing work efficiency is very high.
Vertical vision automatic dispensing machine
The application field of vision automatic dispensing machine is mainly for dispensing package of large objects, dispensing work for LED tube industry, and some large LCD screen can use the dispenser for visual automatic dispensing, dispensing liquid crystal screen after optic feel both appearance and practicability are better and more competitive.