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Elimination method of glue bubble in double liquid floor typ

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  How to eliminate glue bubble in double liquid floor type glue filling machine? In fact, it's very simple to install a dispenser or vacuum defoamer in the machine to solve the problem of filling bubbles. At present, our company is equipped with such machines to eliminate filling bubbles. The effect is very obvious. It can be said that this method is adopted in the whole filling industry.
  Generally, there will be glue bubbles after the two-liquid glue is mixed. Our company has summarized three ways to eliminate bubbles.
  1. Vacuum defoaming method: after the glue is mixed, transport the defoamer, and then conduct vacuum defoaming, which can completely ensure that the glue has no bubbles.
  2. Glue heating treatment, glue heating to a certain temperature, help to eliminate bubbles.
  3. Low temperature environment is also a way to deal with air bubbles, which can allow enough time for air to overflow.
  The above three methods are glue filling bubble elimination. The most commonly used method is the first one. The price of the vacuum defoamer is not very high, about 10000 yuan. It can completely solve the problem of glue filling bubble elimination. It can also guarantee glue filling speed, naturally wait for glue bubble to overflow, or there is a certain time limit. If the glue is poured manually, this method can be used.
  The glue bubbles will vary according to the glue characteristics, and the glue heating temperature will change. For example, when the car lamp is filled with glue and the glue is used for sealing, the temperature of the bubbles can be discharged is 25 ~ 30 °. If the temperature is increased, the glue activity will become low, the glue filling quality will not meet the standard, and the heating range is limited well. Then directly connected to the vacuum defoaming device, the bubbles can be filtered twice to ensure that the whole process is not There will be bubbles.
  There is a certain relationship between the fluidity of glue and heating. After the glue is heated, the fluidity can be improved. Some glue with high viscosity can be heated properly and then filled. There are many skills to use the two-liquid floor type glue filling machine. Although the machine is divided into many parts, the two-component floor type glue filling machine that can be understood only after being understood clearly can be connected automatically by the system It is convenient to program the glue filling program of automobile and use each part together.
  Auto lamp glue filling is just one of the application cases. The two-component floor glue filling machine produced by our company can be used to solve the glue filling problem. The automatic programming effect is also very simple. With video and manual teaching, you can understand the smooth operation in half an hour. For details control, you can operate several times and understand how to operate.