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How to solve the glue adding process

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Halfway adding glue refers to the alarm of insufficient glue sent out by the two-component floor glue filling machine, which can be fully added manually or automatically. Some of them are manual, and some of them are combined with machine and manual. The accessories needed for adding glue are funnel pressure barrel and refitted pressure barrel. The problem of air pressure should be overcome when adding glue, and whether opening the pressure barrel will affect the air pressure.
Our company has developed a funnel pressure bucket. A funnel is installed on the pressure bucket, which can go directly to the bottom of the glue. The glue can be poured into the funnel. The natural air pressure will give the glue downward pressure. The internal pressure is less than the external pressure, and the glue can be poured into the inner of the pressure bucket, which does not affect the effect of the two-component floor glue filling machine in the car lamp. There is also a way of adding glue in the middle of the process, which adopts The non-standard pressure barrel is connected with the glue barrel placed outside. When the glue quantity is lower than the scale, the glue in the barrel will be automatically extracted to the pressure barrel, which is also the way of adding glue in the middle.
At present, there are several ways to store glue, such as needle barrel, common pressure barrel and non-standard pressure barrel. Funnel pressure barrel is non-standard, which is commonly used in large flow industry or some special requirements. Although the rise of pressure barrel can be customized, if 50kg glue is used every day, a large pressure barrel is needed, which not only occupies the position, but also is not easy to maintain. The non-standard pressure barrel can be used to continuously add glue. The size is right There is no impact on production and no waste of time.
The two-component floor type glue filling machine is used to fill the automobile lamp glue, which has automatic programming mode. The machine helps to complete the programming, with accurate accuracy and stable track movement. After system operation, each point is fixed, with three-dimensional fixed-point mode, the track does not drift, the control effect will be better, the glue filling is stable, and the qualified rate of 99.98% per day will be maintained. The machine production is four or five times faster than the manual production, and there is no need for it We are worried that the glue quantity is not enough, so we need to add glue frequently. Our company has set up the midway strengthening function to solve the glue quantity.
Funnel pressure barrel R & D solves many problems of glue filling, such as: automobile lamp glue filling, if the manufacturer has any demand for glue, it can be fully realized, except that the glue viscosity is too high or the mixing ratio is more than 10:1, otherwise the requirements of two-component glue glue filling can be met by our company at present, the production mode is more simple, and the automatic production line can also be manufactured.