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Installation of non-standard pressure barrel accessories

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  The installation of pressure barrel belongs to non-standard type. For example, the liquid level display pressure barrel and the liquid level display device are installed on the flat cover pressure barrel to check the glue quantity and observe the glue usage directly, so as to avoid the insufficient glue quantity resulting from the insufficient glue quantity. The installation of non-standard pressure barrel is good for production. Are there several ways of installation? When you select the pressure barrel, you can choose Add it.
  The installation of non-standard pressure barrel includes: liquid level display, bottom glue out, side glue out, with cylinder, with funnel, with mixing, etc. the liquid level display can observe the glue amount, the bottom glue out can use medium and high viscosity glue, the side glue out can be used with dispensing valve, the air cylinder can use ultra-high viscosity glue or 2600 pieces of silica gel, the funnel can add glue in the middle, and the mixing can avoid glue mixing Sedimentation, etc. each installation is helpful for the use of glue. Of course, your company can install the pressure barrel according to the actual situation.
  The glue used by the glue filling machine for adult products is silica gel, which belongs to a two-component glue with high viscosity. It can be matched with liquid level display and funnel device. It can be used to observe the amount of glue used, and glue can be added in the middle of the process. The amount of glue used for filling every day is very large, and the use of super large pressure bucket also takes up a lot of space. The pressure bucket is large and the price will be very high, so it's better to add it, and it's also convenient to clean it The function of the pressure barrel is obvious when washing and the liquid level shows. The amount of glue used for filling adult products is very large every day. To avoid the glue problem, the quantitative control must meet the requirements.
  The installation of pressure barrel is good for production. I just mentioned the advantages of liquid level display pressure barrel. It can also play a great role in the filling of adult products. It can avoid the production defects caused by the insufficient amount of glue. The installation of pressure barrel has a great effect on the filling machine of adult products. The quantitative control effect also has a great effect. The machines produced by our company are equipped with liquid level It shows that there are still many pressure buckets, especially the two-component glue mode. Because the use amount needs to be determined and the daily use amount is also large, the real-time monitoring can see the production situation.