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Application of thermal conductive silica gel

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  It may be known by the manufacturers that support the thermal conductive silica gel in the electronic industry that its main function is bonding and heat dissipation. Applying glue on the electrical components can improve the heat dissipation effect and fundamentally solve the problem of glue heat dissipation. Let's learn about the performance and characteristics of the thermal conductive silica gel, as well as the core dispensing effect.
  Thermal silica gel action
  Instead of thermal conductive paste, the module connection of electronic products can be carried out to improve the heat dissipation of products. The electronic products are easy to heat up, which will lead to low performance, thus reducing power and increasing consumption, which is not conducive to the work of electronic products. After coating thermal conductive silica gel, it can be filled to dissipate heat and improve efficiency.
  Characteristics of thermal conductive silica gel
  It has good heat resistance and low temperature effect. It can withstand - 60 ° at low temperature, 260 ° at high temperature, and has excellent adhesion. It can play a good heat dissipation effect after gluing, and its strength is very good, and it can mature 15 kg of pressure. The problem of dispensing can be solved by using 330ml of support, directly using silica gel sleeve and stone horse dispensing machine.
  Application of thermal conductive silica gel
  Glue dispensing for thyristor module, glue coating for inverter main board, glue coating for mobile phone main board heat dissipation, chip radiator bonding
  The silica gel sleeve is equipped with a stone horse dispensing machine, which can directly place the supporting and heat-conducting silica gel inside the sleeve without extruding the glue. It can still dispensing, solve the problems that will occur in dispensing, fundamentally solve the problem of speed, and speed up the dispensing task. Moreover, this method can improve the dispensing speed of the thyristor module, with high accuracy, fast speed and wide application range In the frequency converter motherboard gluing line, thermal conductive silica gel gluing industry, our dispensing machine can also be modified, it is very convenient.