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Glue the main board heat sink of mobile phone

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  Some time ago, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi's mobile phone was not coated with any glue, which led many friends to scold Xiaomi. In fact, the application of heat dissipation glue on the main board of the mobile phone can improve the heat dissipation function of the mobile phone, increase the heat dissipation effect, and avoid the long-term use. The heating problem can only be solved by the coolant. The heat dissipation glue on the main board of the mobile phone is also applied by other manufacturers Can do, millet to heat as a hot spot, in the heat do less.
  Gluing on the main board of the mobile phone can play a role in water-proof and heat dissipation. Gluing on the main board can fix the electronic products, and it also has a certain degree of falling resistance. The effect is very good. Many manufacturers will also use its technology as a heat dissipation system. The glue coating takes a very small place, and it can continue to play a role. According to the heat dissipation gluing on the main board of the mobile phone, our company also has Many researches have made a gluing machine, which meets the requirements of high-precision dispensing and gluing. It is prominent in the bonding of chip radiator and the gluing of motherboard heat dissipation.
  Our company is also famous among the manufacturers of Houjie dispensing machine. Many enterprises in Houjie have chosen our dispensing equipment to fundamentally solve the problem of glue application. We have made great progress in speed and quality, and the effect of glue application will be very obvious. Many mobile phone manufacturers also use this method to heat. Why Xiaomi mobile phone is easy to heat, not its technology The technique is not good, but for this feature, it is not a long time for dispensing, nor will it.
  Heat conductive silica gel is also widely used. In addition to mobile phone motherboard and chip radiator, there are many other products that will be used, especially in the electronic industry. It is easy to heat up, which is very important for product cooling. Otherwise, it is easy to burn product quality, leading to waste of electronic products. Heat conductive silica gel has a wide range of applications. If you have this demand, please contact me, Service Tel: 13662812001
  Heat conductive silica gel coating is a mature technology. There are corresponding core technologies for the application of mobile phone motherboard heat dissipation coating or chip radiator bonding, which can become the core of our company's application. The dispensing system generally adopts PLC system, which is stable, fast in efficiency and low in failure rate. It is very in line with the current industry dispensing demand. In the high-precision dispensing of Houjie dispenser, PLC is basically used System.