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Automatic gluing technology for radiator of air conditioner

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  The gluing technology of air conditioning radiator is mature. Welcome to have a look. How does the Chinese system glue the air conditioning radiator? What's the difference with the traditional technology? What's the gluing effect of speed and product quality? You may have doubts about this. Let's see the effect of the full-automatic gluing machine produced by our company, and then decide whether to further understand with our company.
  The volume of air conditioning radiator is quite large, and it needs to be glued around. However, our company has developed a gantry type full-automatic gluing machine, which can move in the space, horizontally and vertically. The air conditioning radiator is placed on the working platform, and the glue dispensing procedure has been adjusted, and it will move according to the glue dispensing position according to the demand. The three-dimensional plane products can be realized, which can be very good to apply glue around the air conditioning radiator Water, improve the heat dissipation effect.
  Gantry type automatic glue applicator is a new technology developed by our company at present. In terms of the original technology, we have increased the core power system and precision, and made more modifications from the guide rail, so that it can have a higher precision glue application effect. In addition, we have sensor technology to ensure the precision of glue dispensing effect. The sensor technology can be used for positioning induction, and will make specific punctuation on the fixture, and will not give out the glue dispensing position Instability, glue deviation, the effect is significantly improved.
  Heat conductive silica gel has become a hot type of glue for electronic products, which is applied to the coating of air conditioning radiator, chip radiator and mobile phone motherboard. These three industries are our current regular use industries. If you have other products that need to be coated with heat sink glue, you can contact us  directly! Product quality stability and speed efficiency are excellent, your company can also send products, for glue proofing Oh!
  High technology and large products are less difficult than our company. We have many years of technology, which are involved in the fields of gluing, filling, dispensing and sealing. We also have core technology of independent design, so that we can meet the needs of various manufacturers in the industry. There are two extremes, the former is for large flow, low precision and high stability, the latter is high precision Small flow and fast, both of which are very large for the technical postgraduate entrance examination of manufacturers.