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Chip radiator bonding

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  Chip heat dissipation is well-known. To avoid chip burnout due to overheating, which affects chip efficiency, it is very important to bond chip heat sink. What glue is used for heat dissipation? Our company also has research, there are suitable machines and glue can be applied, machines: visual dispenser, desktop dispenser, glue: heat conductive silica gel.
  Thermal conductive silica gel applied on the product will have good heat dissipation effect. Generally, the chip radiator is installed on the chip to facilitate heat dissipation. Applying glue can not only achieve adhesion, but also heat dissipation. Now the mobile phone motherboard is also used in this way to fundamentally solve the dispensing problem. The thermal conductive silica gel effect is very good. The visual dispensing machine produced by our company is refined High degree, fast speed, good glue application efficiency.
  The application range of heat-conducting silica gel is very wide, and it can be used in industries that need heat dissipation. Our company also has matching machines, such as chip radiator bonding and mobile phone motherboard heat dissipation glue coating. After our company's modification, it is particularly suitable for glue dispensing requirements. It has combining assembly line and independent production. The glue dispensing accuracy is also very stable, which can solve the problem of uneven or uneven glue dispensing The effect of thermal conductive silica gel will be operated according to the actual production demand. The purchased machine is not inappropriate, and the product coating quality and effect are reasonable.
  The application of heat dissipation glue on the main board of mobile phone has been introduced in the previous article. Which machine type and glue are the same, and the application effect of heat conduction silica gel is very good. Our company has designed a dispensing machine according to the requirements of the product, which is applied in its industry. The effect is also very good. If the high-precision product dispensing can be realized, this machine will certainly meet the core needs.