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Dispensing machine for aluminum alloy and plastic shell of m

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  Mobile phone is also one of the hot spots in dispensing industry. Many positions have been replaced by dispensing, such as plastic shell, CD interface, camera fixing, frame, etc. These are all using dispensing technology, which can further improve the performance of mobile phone, such as waterproof, anti falling, heat dissipation, etc. some features have better amplification, the quality of mobile phone has reached a better height, dispensing is inseparable from real products Production needs.
  Talk about the dispensing effect of the aluminum alloy and plastic shell of the mobile phone. Apply a layer of glue to the frame, then install the outer screen, wait for the glue to solidify, and then follow the inner screen. In order to make the product intuitive and small in thickness, the screws are generally locked on the back, and few screws are made on the screen edge, so there are many advantages of applying glue, avoiding falling off and having shock resistance.
  There are mainly two layers of glue dispensing for plastic shell. UV glue is used for dispensing. It has a good solidification effect. It has a fast solidification speed and can be dried completely in 10 seconds by direct UV light. It is convenient and does not need to wait for the glue to cool dry. Moreover, the effect still meets the standard requirements. Why is the mobile phone more and more resistant to falling apart from the effect of glue , you can open the mobile phone to have a look. It needs dispensing in many places.
  The main board of mobile phone is also the core part of our company's application. The thermal conductive silica gel is used as the main glue, which can heat the main board, improve its performance, heat the main board, reduce its performance, improve its power consumption, and make it uncomfortable to use. Many manufacturers have made thermal improvement, only millet doesn't use the thermal silica gel for coating, and the thermal system is not good, but it does become Its marketing characteristics.
  The dispensing position of mobile phone products is set by our company, which is quite a one-stop service. There are appropriate dispensing devices from the beginning to the end, and there are also screwing devices. Small screws like mobile phones can still achieve seamless screwing effect, with very stable quality and low noise. If your company has the demand for dispensing and screwing, you can contact us! Tel: 13662812001