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Glue dispensing for side buttons of smart phone

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  The side button dispensing of mobile phone can use the screw dispensing machine produced by our company at present, which has high precision and accuracy dispensing equipment, and can make the side stereo dispensing technology, so as to ensure that the glue can be completely applied on the side button of mobile phone. At present, the dispensing technology of our company has been promoted, and how to have the technology required in this respect is welcome to consult!
 Dispensing position
  The side buttons of the mobile phone are generally volume key, start key and wake-up key. The length of the buttons is 9.00mm ~ 21.52, and the width is 1.51mm (millet 9). The glue should be applied on the small edge. The glue amount is very small. It should be controlled within the width range, and the glue overflow should be avoided. The problem of glue and glue dispensing should be fundamentally solved. From some data, it can be learned that the side buttons of the mobile phone are used for glue dispensing UV glue and 502 glue meet the dispensing requirements of both.
  At present, the glue for mobile phone dispensing basically needs to meet the water-proof requirements. If it can meet the basic core needs of the product and overcome the technical difficulties of the product, many manufacturers will like it. For example, when applying glue on the printed circuit board, using heat-conducting silica gel, our company also has machines that meet the requirements. Many manufacturers will also look for us to produce corresponding machines to meet the dispensing needs, and the printed circuit board will be coated with glue, It can effectively improve the dispensing effect and fundamentally solve the dispensing problem. It is the same with the side button dispensing of mobile phones. Our company has a special machine for dispensing in this industry, and the product quality and effect are satisfied.
  Many of the manufacturers of Houjie dispensing machine are our friends. In this place, many manufacturers choose our machines. In Dongguan, there are still many core products, which can solve the corresponding gluing problem. The cost is not very high. To solve the problem of lack of manpower, the side button dispensing effect of mobile phone will be very obvious. High precision dispensing At present, only the machine can finish the quick dispensing.