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Waterproof sealant for game handle

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The dispensing of game handle refers to the dispensing at the gap between the upper and lower shell, the dispensing of electronic mainboard and the dispensing of handle keys. The dispensing is mainly carried out in three aspects. The glue used includes 502 glue, silica gel and crystal glue. The three kinds of glue can be used in machines. Our company has made and produced them according to the manufacturer's production requirements. The dispensing speed, production quantity, gluing accuracy and glue output can meet the requirements Bid, welcome to consult.
For the production of game handle, our company has prepared two machines, dispensing machine and automatic screwing machine, which meet the requirements of dispensing and screwing. The two steps of production of game handle are inseparable. The internal main board needs to be screwed, and the two shells need to be screwed. After gluing, the screws can play a certain waterproof role.
In the game handle key dropping glue, improve the key feel, crystal glue is relatively soft, increasing the softness, general manufacturers will drop glue, the steps are very simple, our company will fix the whole machine, just need to manually place the product on the work platform, then the machine will automatically dispensing glue, for the glue control is very good, no glue overflow, no glue leakage, just cover on the key, can be for the handle key Irregular, production dispensing.
Then to the game handle shell dispensing, the screw dispensing machine can be used for the 502 glue dispensing, which has the function of irregular curve dispensing. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.025mm, the dispensing width is very small, and it can be adjusted to better meet the demand of the game handle dispensing. From the structure to the dispensing effect, all meet the demand. This is a machine specially designed by our company for dispensing the game handle. The effect does not need to be worried. Before each production, the production will be determined according to the dispensing speed, product requirements, dispensing accuracy and yield of the manufacturer.
After dispensing, it must be screwing. If the production schedule is full, the screw dispensing machine can complete the task, and then the next step can be carried out. Now the screwing effect must be that the automatic equipment is fast, similar to dispensing. As long as the game handle is placed on the mechanical platform, the machine can automatically screw quickly, and the speed can reach 1-1.5 seconds to complete one. Batch is needed Production and mechanization are inseparable.