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Glue dispensing for TV remote control

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The remote control of the TV has long-term use of the controller for dispensing glue. Some brand manufacturers sell televisions and the remote control has crystal glue on it. From this step, we can see whether the quality of the remote control is up to standard. The remote control with glue protection has a relatively long service life. Otherwise, the keys will not be seen for a while, and there is no way to use it again. Only the remote control can be replaced. For TV remote control dispensing can use our company's crystal glue dispenser.
In order to use crystal glue for dispensing on the TV remote control, it is necessary to drop glue on the key and avoid glue overflow. Only crystal glue can do this. The glue viscosity is high and the flow is not very good. Drop a little glue. However, there are many programs to be designed, because it is not the same without the key. It is necessary to fix the point and control the glue quantity to meet the demand. TV remote control Dispensing, our manufacturer is able to arrive, and the price is also very cheap.
The dispensing of TV remote control is one of the application industries of our company. In addition, some tablet computer keys are also coated with crystal glue. It can not only improve the product life and feel, but also be transparent, which will not affect the vision. Whether the quality of a product is qualified can be seen from the details.
Generally, the desktop type double Y axis dispensing machine will be used as dispensing machine, and the corresponding dispensing fixture will be manufactured, which is used to fix the key of TV remote control. The dispensing position can always be the same, and the product quality is stable. Why the product has high stability is also because the product quality can reach ninety-nine percent when placed in the same position. The dispensing problem has been fundamentally solved Division is to meet the needs of production.