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Game handle auto screw

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The game handle screwing is also one of our specialties. Screwing, soldering and dispensing are the main three parts. We can provide sufficient services to make a product have dispensing, screwing and soldering. If we use our machines, the manufacturer's automatic production is not far away. We can gradually change the automatic chemical plant to improve the production speed and quality. In the epidemic situation, we can ensure that the production is not affected Delay.
The game handle screw driver is an automatic screw driver. It is a desktop screw driver with double y-axis. It has poor benefit time and can screw products. Because it takes time to screw and take products. Using a single station will delay the taking and taking time. Therefore, using double Y-axis can reduce the intensity of manual production and improve the production speed. The effect is obvious. Which is more convenient It takes 2 seconds to make a screw manually. The machine only takes 1 second, and the work of the machine will not be tired. It can be produced all the time, which is three or four times of the manual speed.
Features of automatic screw driver
1. Accurate positioning, stable performance, no screw stuck, easy to operate, can replace manual screw
2. It has the functions of material shortage alarm, missing beating, sliding teeth, non blocking, locking detection, to avoid defective products
3. Use a variety of specifications on the market, some special specifications of screws are suitable for use, such as: meter slot, hexagon, plum, H slot, etc.
4. According to different product locks, just change the batch head, suction nozzle, fixture, etc.
5. The machine is intelligent, widely used and does not need to be operated by professionals.
6. High efficiency and low failure rate.
The screw type dispensing machine can be used for dispensing the game handle, with high dispensing accuracy and stable gluing. It can run for 24 hours on the designed guide rail, and the effect is very good. It can directly solve the problem of dispensing the game handle. After dispensing, screw is made to ensure the dispensing effect of the game handle.
There are two places for dispensing the game handle. The way of dropping glue on the key of the game handle is crystal glue, which can protect the silica gel key on the handle from wear and increase the service life, especially the common key, which needs special protection. The second dispensing, mainly at the connection between the upper shell and the lower shell, will have a pattern, which can be dispensing on the top, and then combined, which can improve the game The handle is waterproof and anti falling.
In the production process of game handle, screw dispenser and automatic screw driver can be used. Our company is specialized in producing, low price, professional designer, can make evaluation report to the manufacturer!