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Game handle key dropping

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  One of the core directions of our company's application is to drop glue on the key of the game handle. There is a special machine responsible for dropping glue. In order to ensure the uniformity and quality of glue dropping, according to the actual type of the game handle, appropriate dispensing accessories are added. There are more than 50 kinds of accessories, large and small. According to the type of glue, few manufacturers will use the same, and each production needs to get the product and glue It is enough to determine which machine is more suitable for dispensing.
  The product specifications affect the fixture and dispensing path design, and the glue affects the dispensing valve and storage mode. Both of them are core accessories. If they are not well configured, they cannot basically complete the task of dispensing, and the uniformity of dispensing cannot be guaranteed. Why do every manufacturer need to get samples and glue? This is the main reason. Some manufacturers won't give you an offer. In fact, the manufacturers don't know how much the price is. Otherwise, they will definitely give you an offer. It's not good to give you more than the price. It's also bad to give you less than the price. That's why.

  Please select our screw dispenser for dispensing of game handle keys. In order to meet the production demand, our company has spent a lot of time and money to develop screw dispenser, as well as automatic screw driver to solve the demand of dispensing and locking screws of game handle. It can be arranged in the same assembly line for production, focusing on the dispensing speed and product quality, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer Operate.
  Our company has the technology of dispensing and locking screw. The dispensing of game handle is only one of the applied industries. We will use two machines to work together to solve the dispensing problem directly. You can also try our products for their quality! See if we can meet the demand, see if the screw type dispenser produced by our company is powerful, together we can give priority to reality! Because no matter how I play, there's no real production effect, it's definitely not possible, so after the test, it's the biggest say. Welcome the manufacturer to take the product and glue!.