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Electronic control board dispenser

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The electronic control board dispensing is generally silica gel, which is soft and can fix the electronics. It is still widely used for the glue with good properties. Most products in the electronic industry use silica gel, which is a very mature glue with low price, moderate viscosity and low requirements for dispensing. Unless the product specification is small and has special requirements, the desktop type silica gel dot The glue machine has been able to meet the electronic needs.
Electronic control board dispenser
1. Double station mechanical platform structure, can place two products at the same time.
2. The dispensing accuracy is 0.2mm, and the diameter of glue application is 0.25mm. The precision of glue application can be changed.
3. Machine dispensing and glue control, according to the core products of the product coating.
4. Dispensing effect is more accurate, with three-axis positioning function, three-dimensional plane space products can be dispensing.
5. Meet a series of specifications product dispensing, function control effect is good, there will be replacement product effect.
6. Easy to use, with teaching device, learning for half an hour, basically able to operate the machine skillfully.
7. The machine can be used for dispensing products with certain specifications. The program can store 999 groups, which is convenient for manufacturers to replace products.
Electronic control board dispensing is mainly used for fixing glue on electronic parts, so that dispensing tasks can be set according to the core requirements of the product. Not all parts need dispensing. You can locate points according to the product type, and then control the dispensing effect according to the product, so as to meet the dispensing requirements of electronic control board, and avoid applying glue on unnecessary positions. The function of dispensing machine is to make people Work can't be made possible.
Our company can customize the specifications according to the needs of the manufacturers. At present, there are 4331, 5331, 6331, 331, 441 (441 refers to 400 * 400 * 100mm), etc. the unit is mm. The products in these specifications can be used, which can meet a lot of products. The manufacturers often change their products. As long as they make the supporting fixture, they can carry out dispensing. Of course, the glue is the same glue, with different types and specifications, There is no need for more dispensing device.