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Yellow glue on the surface of large loudspeaker

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Our company has started the research and development of horn dispensing machine a long time ago, and now it has made little achievements, and has gradually transformed from small horn to large horn. Our company is a kind of machine specially used for large-scale horn dispensing, called non-standard automatic dispensing machine, which can solve the current demand of large-scale horn dispensing. Our company has also made a large-scale horn dispensing yellow glue scheme for Dongguan Kesheng company.
Non standard automatic dispensing machine
The large-scale horn dispensing machine is manufactured by non-standard process. From the mechanical structure length, according to the product size, the appropriate length and fixture are manufactured for installation on the plane, so as to meet the dispensing demand. Yellow glue is used for glue, with high viscosity and bulk glue. It needs to be equipped with dispensing pressure bucket and dispensing valve. Select high viscosity dispensing valve to extrude glue from the pressure bucket, so as to realize dispensing task.
The glue flow can be controlled. Each type of large-scale horn dispensing is different, and the width or height of glue demand has its own standard. According to the above requirements, our company has made adjustable dispensing width, so that it can meet a variety of large-scale horn dispensing. I know that there will be many types and sizes of manufacturers, and there will be many quantities in each batch of production, using the large-scale ones produced by our company Horn dispensing machine can solve the complex problems of products. A machine can meet 999 groups of products, which can be deleted directly if not needed, and can be used all the time.
The large-scale horn dispensing is not a simple control method, but also for the test of glue quantity, speed, quality and other aspects, so as to meet the dispensing task demand. The dispensing equipment produced by our company has a very good effect, the price is appropriate, the product quality is stable, there is basically no problem in three or four years of use, but the dispensing valve needs to be replaced, because the dispensing valve will wear, so it is used It needs to be replaced once every two or three months. If there is no quality problem, it can not be replaced, and the glue will not solidify when you click the yellow glue. The use requirements are very low. We can meet the needs of manufacturers by selecting our company for large-scale horn dispensing!