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Factors affecting the efficiency of automatic dispensing and

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At present, the socialist market economic system has been gradually perfecting stage, China's current economic development is very rapid, the market economy poised full of vitality, automatic dispensing machine industrial production is an important equipment, mainly responsible for dispensing work on the production of objects, including small chip package or large object links are required to use the adhesive dispensing machine.
Single station automatic glue dispenser
Automatic dispensing machine is an important equipment in industrial production, simple operation and convenient use, and has the characteristics of high quality glue, if improper operation of the operator may be some process problems are common glue dispensing machine plug common, mainly because the glue and glue outlet valve has a short distance, if you can not let the glue complete the outflow is easy when close glue residue in this section, this residue easily caused by curing dispensing blockage, so experienced operator will usually close glue off delay, delay can solve the glue glue plug, the glue point efficiency will not be affected.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine
Wire drawing machine is also a common problem. Drawing directly affects the viscosity of glue, and strengthens the strength of dispensing machine. Instant pull can prevent the appearance of wire drawing machine.
Flexible dispensing needle
In order to make the automatic dispensing function perform better, the selection of the accessories is very important. Of course, the adhesive valve should be selected according to the glue dispenser. The dispensing needle selection can further enhance the effect of dispensing according to the actual demand, the general use of stainless steel glue machine needles, stainless steel needles can perform long-term high-intensity work dispensing without damage, if some of the more important object dispensing, best choice of scraping PP flexible dispensing needle wound surfaces can play the best effect.