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Light aperture dispensing

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  Product Description: the lighting diaphragm is a LED product, similar to a disc-shaped product, which is hollow in the middle and has led lights around. It's the same as the diaphragm used for taking photos. The thickness of the lighting diaphragm is not large, and it will be glued on the back. The glue is silica gel, which is used for bonding and sealing, and it can resist falling, bonding and waterproof.
  Machine introduction: it is a full-automatic dispenser produced by camphor head dispenser manufacturer. The silicone sleeve and dispenser valve that meet the requirements of silicone are installed on the mechanical system. The structure is standard. Model 5331 can dispense glue within the range of 300 mm * 300 mm * 100 mm. Many lamp manufacturers use our dispenser as the main series, such as angel eye lamp dispensing and Wrangler brow Light glue, herdsman's headlamp, motorcycle headlamp, fog lamp, RGB light and so on.
  Dispensing process: adjust the dispensing amount → manually place the lighting diaphragm on the working platform → the machine will automatically dispensing → after dispensing → manually remove the product. It can fit the assembly line and change the manual gluing post into a machine. Although a manual assistant production is needed, the production efficiency of the machine itself is higher than that of the manual, about five times. The dispensing efficiency of the main machines is fast, the quality is good, and the gluing is even. For example, the dispensing line is 1mm, and the error of the machine is almost 0.2%, which is incomparable with the manual work, and the machine program can be In order to achieve 999 groups, avoid the embarrassment of too many products to use machine dispensing.
  Although the products are different, the machines still meet the requirements, such as angel eye spot glue, herdsman's wheel brow lamp spot glue and herdsman's headlight glue. These belong to the same type of glue, different products, as long as there is a suitable fixture, replace the dispensing needle, adjust the dispensing parameters, you can carry out product dispensing, the lighting diaphragm dispensing accuracy is 1.5mm, and the herdsman's headlight is 2mm, adjust The output and dispensing track can meet the requirements. The effect of camphor head dispensing machine has such a technology that one machine is multi-purpose and easy to operate. It is a machine that meets the requirements of various products dispensing, especially the manufacturers of a series of products dispensing.
  We are also a medium-sized manufacturer among Zhangmutou dispenser manufacturers. If your company has this demand, you can choose to cooperate with our company. The manufacturer is close, the communication is simple, and you can do it at any time. This is the advantage of the manufacturer. You can call the hotline: 136-6281-2001 (wechat same number).