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Led angel eye diaphragm headlamp dispensing

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Angel's eye headlamp may know that some car friends know that this is a headlamp for BMW, so it needs good technology for dispensing, so it can meet the demand! Our company has developed a dispensing machine, which can meet the requirements of LED angel eye diaphragm dispensing, coating glue and speed standards, and can meet the core requirements. If there is a demand, you can send samples for testing! It's free.
Camphor head dispensing machine manufacturers have the production of non-standard machine technology, the product demand design of the exclusive machine, from the structure, dispensing, effect, speed, manufacturer's production mode, etc., from these characteristics, one by one matching, this kind of machine production is more troublesome, the price is higher, but more in line with the manufacturer's production, glue and production method matching, dispensing effect can be improved, product production The speed changes naturally. It's self-evident to find the manufacturer to produce the machine. Our camphor head dispenser manufacturer makes the scheme of lighting aperture dispensing and herdsman's wheel brow lamp dispensing. In terms of technical maturity, you can rest assured that you can do angel eye aperture dispensing. I'm very confident in the past.
Generally, silica gel is used for light dispensing. At present, there are two types of packaging methods: 300ml silica gel and bulk silica gel. Our company has two delivery glue systems. The first one is to use 300ml glue, install silica gel sleeve on the machine platform, and then install dispensing controller and dispensing valve to connect the air pressure to silica gel sleeve. After silica gel is stored, the glue can be extruded and delivered by air pressure When it comes to the dispensing valve, use the silica gel bucket to facilitate the delivery of glue; the second section: bulk silica gel, generally use the pressure bucket with dispensing valve, two different storage methods to make dispensing more suitable. At present, we are basically able to meet the needs of the silica gel using industry, such as: angel eye diaphragm dispensing and lighting diaphragm dispensing, shepherd's wheel brow lamp dispensing, and so on. Some manufacturers do not With silica gel, there are many ways to solve this problem.
It's not twice at a time, but a lot of manufacturers have come to us to produce corresponding machines. There are also middlemen who have come to us to produce machines. They have mature technology. In order to facilitate the application effect of manufacturers and core products, there will be a very obvious improvement, the product rhythm will change, the work intensity of workers will become low, and the high-intensity work will be replaced by machines.