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Glue dispensing of LED Wrangler refitting wheel brow lamp

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  There are many types of lamp dispensing in our company, such as lighting diaphragm, angel's eye, Wrangler, Halley, etc. these lamps have been dispensing schemes, with considerable technical experience, we can design suitable machines as production equipment, and there are core technologies in the application of LED Wrangler refitting wheel brow lamp dispensing. The machines meet the manufacturer's production requirements, and are sudden in the application and speed Out point, manufacturers can send samples for free proofing Oh! Look at the effect and quality.

  The glue dispensing scheme of horse Herder's wheel brow lamp

  Dispensing machine is not a standard part, but a type that can be modified. Combining with the manufacturer's production line mode, we can produce a proper dispensing machine. The dispensing technology will be more suitable. We do not need to change the ready-made production mode, change the work into a machine, so that the production will be more smooth, so as to achieve a larger product. In these lamp industries, dispensing still has certain requirements for the coating accuracy and glue quantity control, semi-automatic Or it is difficult to meet the requirements manually, instead of using automatic machines, it is stable, accurate, fast, glue quantity, etc

  Applications involved

  Our company's camphor wood dispenser is used for dispensing in the lighting aperture, angel eye aperture, Wrangler's wheel eyebrow lamp, Wrangler's headlight, motorcycle, etc. in fact, many auto parts need dispensing, and our company also has certain technology in this respect. The type of production machine and dispensing parts can cooperate with complete auto parts dispensing, and the quality is more core of the manufacturer, which can not be achieved at all, There is no need to buy machines.
  The machine used by herdsman's wheel brow lamp for dispensing is a machine independently designed by our company's camphor wood dispenser manufacturer. From dispensing system to fixture, every detail is designed by our company's engineering. Technically, we use very core technology. Dispensing in these industries is not difficult. If your company has needs, you can add wechat to understand! Tel: 13662812001 (wechat same number)