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Coating of LED automobile fog lamp

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  Recently, we have been working on the article of automobile lamp gluing. For the dispensing technology required by automobile lamp, at present, our company has mastered the basic core dispensing technology, and produces two machines suitable for automobile accessories dispensing, multi axis and double position gluing machines, which can directly meet the multi-dimensional dispensing work. The lamp belongs to irregular products, and still will not affect the machine dispensing, with excellent effect.
  The coating of lamp is divided into two parts. It is necessary to apply glue inside the lampshade and the lamp itself. The use of glue is waterproof, heat-resistant and aging resistant, so as to avoid the problem of lampshade falling into or falling off in high temperature or rainy days, which is quite embarrassing. To meet the daily needs of lamp use, there is still a big difference between the north and the south of China. The high temperature in the South can be 35 ° high, and the low temperature in the north can be reached -35 °, two kinds of weather must be adapted to be able to calculate a qualified car. The application of automobile fog lamp glue can not be solved by using ordinary 502 glue, but by using silica gel or high-quality glue.
  In the production of auto parts, silica gel is often used, such as headlight, low beam lamp, double flashing lamp, reversing lamp, rear fog lamp, turn signal lamp, width indicator lamp, etc. there are so many lights in a single car. Our company has developed a lot of fully automatic machines, which are used in the production of auto parts. The application range of gluing technology is very wide. In the past, domestic cars were prone to small problems because of technology If the technology is not kept up, there will be some defects in the manual production. After all, not all the employees are old employees, and the technology will be different. Now the automation technology is used uniformly, and now it is gradually used by people in China.
  At present, our company has made dispensing schemes: RGB diaphragm dispensing, herdsman headlamp dispensing, herdsman wheel brow lamp dispensing, angel eye dispensing and so on. There will be more core technologies in the future. Our company has also been committed to developing new dispensing machines. In addition to Zhangmutou dispensing machine manufacturer, our company has also opened a research and development factory in Shenzhen, which mainly researches and develops dispensing equipment to make it have more fields It is mainly used in automatic production line.