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RGB aperture dispenser

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As a new generation of multi-functional dispensing equipment, RGB diaphragm dispenser has the functions of dispensing, gluing and filling in the LED industry, which conforms to the dispensing of various products. Manufacturers of LED products can consider it! RGB aperture dispensing has strict intention for dispensing equipment, without high-precision technology, it is difficult to complete dispensing task, and it needs to meet the high-efficiency production mode, only the full-automatic dispensing machine has the corresponding technology.
  Due to the requirements of RGB diaphragm for dispensing, our company adopts a visual full-automatic dispensing machine, which has a stable PLC dispensing system and high-precision dispensing technology, and has stable and uniform effect for product dispensing, quality assurance, reliable product speed, and will not have the problem of uneven dispensing or wire drawing. The dispensing head is multi axis, and the product dispensing is carried out at the same time. The position of RGB diaphragm dispensing is the same. The multi axis dispensing speed is faster than the single axis, the accuracy will not be reduced, the speed is several times faster, and the line width accuracy can still reach 0.15mm.
  The dispensing effect of the LED industry is different. The precision control of the headlamp dispensing of the herdsman needs to be large, the coating gap is 2mm, and the glue height is 3mm. Generally, the single axis controlled glue is better, and the double axis desktop dispensing machine is used, which can meet the production demand. The dispensing method of the wheel brow lamp of the herdsman is different from that of the headlamp, and there are some differences on the full-automatic dispensing machine. Each machine has the best root According to the product manufacturing, the machine manufactured is in line with the demand; so is the glue coating of LED fog lamp.
  Our camphor head dispenser manufacturer will manufacture corresponding machines according to the specifications and requirements of RGB diaphragm to ensure that the appropriate products will be sent out. Generally, the manufacturer will ask customers to send samples for proofing, determine the required machines, and also use the products as jigs to place the products without displacement, which will have a better effect on dispensing.

  Advantages of automatic dispensing machine

  1. Save production cost, one time purchase, lifetime use, our company lifetime service.
  2. The production efficiency is improved, and the speed is four to five times that of manual or semi-automatic.
  3. The glue quantity is controlled accurately, and each quantity is in accordance with RGB aperture dispensing requirements.