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Herdsman's headlamp glue

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The requirement for dispensing flow control of herdsman's headlight is relatively strict. In the irregular application path, glue control becomes a problem. This has some high proficiency for the operator in system control. To complete the demand for dispensing of herdsman's headlight, a full-automatic dispensing machine with high stability and simplified operating system can be used to meet the dispensing demand.
  The automatic dispensing machine has a dedicated constant control operation dispensing system. Through the simplified dispensing control system and the application of desktop automatic dispensing machine, using 3D space modeling technology, it can completely complex the irregular dispensing path on the herdsman's headlight, avoid high inconformity, unstable glue application, and use the machine production can reduce the amount of glue, drawing, more glue, empty spots, etc Each step of the machine will operate according to the core requirements without worrying about quality and production efficiency (all fixed).

  Application case of camphor head dispenser manufacturer in LED industry
  Gluing for herdsmen's headlights, wheel brows, led fog lights, RGB apertures, etc.

  Use the full-automatic dispenser to glue the herdsman's headlights. First, it can improve the product quality. Second, it can improve the production speed. Third, it can paint the right amount of glue for the herdsman's headlights at one time. It has a strong usability. Various products can still be used for glue dispensing. The glue quantity and precision can be adjusted. The same product can be used for glue dispensing in the herdsman's wheel brow lamp. The three-dimensional plane products can be used for glue dispensing Yes, as long as it is matched with the corresponding fixture
  To meet the product dispensing requirements, the full-automatic dispensing machine can be realized, which will neither produce less glue nor more glue, and can fundamentally solve the demand of herdsmen's headlight dispensing. There are many things that can be done by the automatic dispensing machine. Some tasks that cannot be done by manual work can be done directly by the machine, and the speed is not slow.
  Otherwise, camphor head dispenser manufacturers will not produce so many products, such as: gluing of herdsman's wheel brow lamp, gluing of herdsman's headlight, gluing of LED fog lamp and RGB diaphragm, etc., which are still small industries, and most types of gluing methods can be satisfied by our company's full-automatic gluing machine, which can truly achieve a multi-purpose machine.