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Full automatic picture book coating instant adhesive machine

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   Introduction: the album is divided into two layers. Only when the upper and lower layers are combined can it be complete. It needs to apply glue to the lower layer, and then the other half is bonded together. Among them, the machine produced by our company is called full-automatic glue applicator, which meets the technical requirements of modern album gluing, meets the requirements of various types of album dispensing, and can meet the requirements of instant dry glue and hot melt glue gluing.
  The full-automatic instant adhesive applicator is a desktop type adhesive applicator. It adopts a dual station design structure, with stable performance and fast speed. It can dispense two products at the same time. In the dispensing device, different types of devices can be replaced according to the glue characteristics to meet the glue and dispensing requirements. For example, hot-melt glue needs to be heated before dispensing, while the dispensing device will add Hot; the use of instant dry glue will be combined with anaerobic glue dispensing valve to avoid the glue setting too fast, resulting in the inability to dispensing.
   The machine name may have some differences according to the product type. The full-automatic dispenser may use 502 glue dispenser, which will be called 502 dispenser. Often, it can match more suitable machines, let the manufacturer know what kind of glue your company needs, what standard products to order, what kind of glue and speed are needed, so that we can match the right machine, Choose the right dispenser.
   Each product has different specifications and will be equipped with different jigs and dispensing valves. As mentioned above, the glue has affected the dispensing valve matching. For example, there are different differences in the application of instant dry glue on picture books, the application of glue on business license hanging frames and the application of glue on plastic frames. Although 502 glue is used for dispensing, the machine is still 502 dispensing machine, but there are still differences. The difference in the use of jigs is quite large Your company has this demand, we can cooperate with you! Tel: 13662812001