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502 glue automatic dispensing scheme

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  In fact, the 502 glue dispensing plan made by our company is very simple. It is customized according to the actual production demand, and the manufacturer gives the corresponding parameters, and then our company carries out the production machine, so as to get the most appropriate dispensing plan, because each manufacturer's demand will be clear, and there will be clear demand for speed, glue, product quality, etc. if we know the parameters, we will immediately know whether or not Can do, how much is the price and so on.
  Without such a scheme, it is more convenient. To meet my needs, I can make the required dispensing machine and equipment, solve the problem from the source, use the actual production mode, solve the core needs of the manufacturer, and of course, there will be a written scheme for your company, such as: 502 glue dispensing, applying glue on the sole and plastic frame, etc., what machine and what fixture is used for the sole, is to use running water The method of line dispensing or desktop dispensing machine is to match the more appropriate machine through dispensing test and manufacturer's demand. In the early stage, I will get the sample, carry out the sole coating test, and then select the most appropriate scheme to give the manufacturer a better coating effect.
  The same is true for plastic frame gluing. After getting the product, carry out glue dispensing test to avoid the uncertainty of glue and control effect, give accurate parameters and prices, and then see whether the manufacturer meets the requirements, and then carry out glue dispensing. The main reason why our company produces 502 glue dispensing machine is that according to the glue application product, the glue is selected well, and then the appropriate fixture is selected, which can be carried out. The glue is for glue dispensing configuration It has a very large impact, but the impact of conventional glue is not significant, but some special glue will directly affect the whole system. Silica gel and 502 glue will be used for the sole coating, silica gel will use a large flow dispensing valve, and 502 glue will use an anaerobic glue dispensing valve. For different valves, the plastic frame coating is the same.
  502 glue using skills: put glue in the pressure barrel, put it together with the bottle,