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Business license frame dispensing

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  The business license hanging frame dispensing mainly involves 502 glue dispensing, coating around the frame, and then laminating the paper, so the operation is completed. The dispensing step is very important. There should be no glue overflow, the glue amount should not be too much or too little, or it can't laminating the product, resulting in slow gluing speed, low production efficiency, low profits of its own products, slow production and sales, and it's basically difficult to make money, while the machine is used The machine can improve six times production efficiency, stable quality and high machine value.
  Generally, 502 glue will be used for coating. According to the characteristics of glue, our company designs a suitable full-automatic glue applicator, which adopts the desktop type double position structure and matched with the corresponding fixture. The specification is 5441 (500mm * 400 * 400 * 100mm, length, width and height). The products within 5441 (500mm * 400 * 100mm, length, width and height) can be used for dispensing. The height of the business license hanging frame is very low and does not need to be increased. The standard height is met. When the double position is available Difference, improve production efficiency.
  502 dispensing machine is a special equipment for dispensing with 502 glue. The dispensing system is directly related to the glue. For example, anaerobic glue dispensing valve and Teflon hose are materials that do not react with 502 glue. As long as they are sealed well, the glue will not solidify all the time, meeting the dispensing requirements of 502 glue, avoiding frequent replacement of hose, and making production more convenient. The type of machine recommended by the manufacturer is reasonable with the manufacturer itself. If you have this demand, you can find our company!
  The 502 dispenser can be used for plastic frame gluing, business license hanging frame gluing, and instant dry gluing for album gluing. The performance is the same, the production and sales volume are very good, meeting the demand of mass production. If the manufacturer has this demand, welcome to find our manufacturer, and can set a more suitable production mode for you, and the gluing effect will be better!