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Frame album gluing

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  In fact, there are many ways to glue frame albums. According to our company's understanding, there are hot-melt glue, 502 glue and yellow glue, which are relatively many. In the first two small compilations, there are relevant information written first. Only the third one was written recently. For the gluing of frame albums, we can use the gluing machine produced by our company, which can be matched with a proper dispensing device to meet the viscosity requirements of yellow glue.
  Characteristics of xanthan glue
  Yellow glue is a kind of heat-resistant and climate resistant glue with good bonding characteristics. Its surface is not easy to form a film. It can be stored for a long time, with low pressure time, high dry strength and environmental protection. Yellow glue has been achieved. More and more manufacturers replace milky white glue with yellow glue. The glue viscosity is high. Only a large flow dispensing valve, i.e. yellow glue dispensing valve, is needed to ensure the smooth application of yellow glue. Generally speaking Our yellow glue applicator will match the yellow glue dispensing valve as the driving valve.
  Frame album gluing steps
  Assemble the yellow glue applicator → place the yellow glue in the pressure barrel → set the dispensing path → make the glue debugging → place the product → dispensing the product → check the product.
  Yellow glue dispenser is also known as yellow glue applicator. In fact, it is the same type. If there is any difference between the two types, it is called "yellow glue". Our company is a manufacturer specializing in producing dispensing equipment. We can produce corresponding machines according to the needs of the manufacturer, fundamentally solve the dispensing problem of everyone, and avoid dispensing problems. There may be some differences in the use of accessories of each glue, yellow glue and hot melt Glue is obviously the dispensing mode of the two methods, only matching can have better effect.
   Yellow glue dispensing valve is a large flow type, which meets the requirements of high viscosity glue application. The precision of glue application can reach 0.1mm. It can meet the requirements of circular arc dispensing around the picture frame. It is characterized by continuous glue, no wire drawing and high stability. Yellow glue does not need to be cleaned frequently. Only the tip of glue dispensing needle needs to be replaced every day, which can solve the problem of glue solidification. Yellow glue application is slow and simple, and the conditions are very low.