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Yellow glue coating

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  Yellow glue is a kind of greenhouse glue, which has a thick viscosity, a certain fluidity and is easy to break. It is suitable for dispensing valve as a control device, which is convenient for quick glue application, uniform coating effect, easy to achieve dispensing. It can realize horn, electronic components, color box, picture frame, radiator, etc. many products can be coated without special process, and will naturally solidify at room temperature.

  Characteristics of xanthan

  1. Suitable for manual and machine bonding, easy to use, simple and rough.
  2. It belongs to water-based adhesive, with natural fluidity, suitable for frame album gluing requirements, and does not need customized machine.
  3. The surface adhesive film is tough, with good permeability to upper smooth surface and film, strong adhesion and good brushing performance.
  4. Yellow glue gelatinize and gelatinize quickly. It will basically solidify in about 30 minutes. The bonding interface will not burst, and the film will not be brittle.
  5. It can be used in - 40 ° ~ 70 ° environment. Applicable to most regions.

  Xanthan parameters

  Color: light yellow
  Viscosity: 7500cps
  PH: neutral
  Peel strength: completely damaged fiber

  Xanthan application

  Radiator gluing, picture frame phase difference gluing, integrated circuit component gluing, aluminum foil box gluing, aviation instrument panel, doorknob frame gluing, board gluing, horn shell gluing, etc.

  Suitable machine

  Yellow glue applicator and yellow glue dispenser.