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Plush toy dispenser

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  Plush toys are mainly glued. Glue should be applied at the designated position, which should be very accurate. The glue control also needs to be in place. Otherwise, there will be glue overflow. Our company recommends the use of automatic glue applicator, which can do three-axis positioning. The product is fixed by the fixture, the XYZ axis can be moved, and the coordinate is used for positioning. The position is very accurate, and the control effect is great.

  Gluing process of plush toys

  According to the product manufacturing appropriate fixture → fix and set the glue path → debug the glue parameters of the automatic glue machine → test the glue → fine tune the glue amount and path → final production mode.
  Yellow glue is used to glue plush toys. Its advantages are simple glue control, good bonding effect, tough surface bonding after solidification, and not easy to peel. It can ensure the quality of plush toys. The glue does not volatilize and emit smell. It has no harm to human body. The speed of yellow glue solidification is fast. It can be completely solidified in 30 minutes, and the effect of solidification in 72 hours can be maximized The parts are low, and the use of automatic gluing machine can meet the gluing demand.
  Our company also produces yellow glue dispenser, a machine specially made for yellow glue. The dispensing valve is called yellow glue dispensing valve, which belongs to large flow back suction dispensing valve and has good back suction effect. It is made according to the characteristics of yellow glue fluidity to avoid drawing and leakage problems in dispensing. Yellow glue dispenser is also used in radiator gluing, which is similar to automatic gluing machine , if you observe carefully, there are similarities between the two. If your company has this demand, please contact our Chinese dispensing machine manufacturer to customize the appropriate machine for you.
  Plush toys glue using our machine is particularly suitable, can also do free proofing Oh! To see if the production effect is suitable for your company's requirements, and if you can directly see the effect, you can only say to avoid it. All of them can be operated in a practical way, and the production effect and product quality can be seen. To see if our company can produce yellow glue dispenser and automatic glue dispenser to meet your company's requirements. And also has the independent yellow glue dispensing valve to provide, welcome the factory consultation.