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Yellow glue dispensing valve

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  Brief introduction: yellow glue dispensing valve belongs to a large flow back suction type dispensing valve. It has a large space in the glue cavity, uses a cylindrical axis, can quickly push the glue at the dispensing position, and has the function of using high viscosity glue. After dispensing, it can achieve a certain degree of back suction effect and break the glue by using the back suction force. Yellow glue dispensing valve is a special high viscosity glue valve.

  Features of yellow glue dispensing valve

  1. With the function of back absorption, it can avoid glue drawing and leakage.
  2. For high viscosity glue, it has good gluing and dispensing effect.
  3. Stable control, with the aid of dispensing controller, can ensure the uniformity and stability of yellow glue.
  4. The glue application speed is stable, the glue quantity is full, and there is no concave convex glue line.
  Yellow glue dispensing valve is based on the requirements of yellow glue application. It has been modified by our company for many times. It can be used with various types of dispensing equipment. For example, the 331 automatic dispensing machine will be used for plush toy dispensing, and the dispensing valve can still be hung on the z-axis, and then the dispensing will be carried out. In fact, the dispensing system is not very related to the overall machine, but plays a control role. The dispensing Quantity or controller control.
  Professional business, professional machine operation
  It's better to use yellow glue dispenser for yellow glue application. It's professional and professional. Although some of them can be used separately, there are still some differences in performance. We know that your company will take glue and products as the core to make the most suitable machines and accessories to ensure the uniformity and stability of yellow glue application. Plush toys are only one of them Yellow gum has a wide range of applications.
  As a standard type of desktop automatic dispensing machine, yellow glue dispenser is a common type, with a large number of existing machines. If the manufacturer has the demand for yellow glue coating, you can learn about it in our company! Because our company has been using xanthan for a long time, we are familiar with automatic dispensing machine and glue, a