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Method of applying electronic yellow glue

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  Coating electronic yellow glue is the core project of our company's machine manufacturing. Many manufacturers will use it, especially in the electronic industry, which is a very famous glue. How to carry out automatic dispensing or coating? Our company has recommended a yellow glue dispenser, which can meet the needs of electronic yellow glue coating. The size of glue is set at will, and the flow control is accurate, especially in line with the modern production mode.

  The technology of automatic yellow glue coating can be used in the application of yellow glue to computer hard disk and yellow glue to PTC heating element. It can also be used in the new energy industry. All the automatic machines produced by our company are used, because our company is a dispenser manufacturer, which can produce automatic equipment manufacturers that meet all kinds of glue. In Wanjiang dispenser manufacturers, it is also very famous. If you are interested, you can go through Come and see our machine!

  Application of electronic yellow glue

  1. Computer hard disk coated with yellow glue

  If you have bought a computer hard disk, you will find a layer of glue under the computer hard disk. This layer of glue is electronic yellow glue. After gluing, for high-strength adhesion, water resistance, high temperature resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., the glue can solidify naturally. The use requirements are not very high, and there is a certain degree of sealing and insulation.
  The table top type automatic dispensing machine is used, and the double position dispensing mode is used. The fixture is placed on the y-axis. The x-axis uses a large flow dispensing valve, which has a large amount of glue output, is easy to control, and can be applied quickly. The yellow glue can be applied on the computer hard disk, and two dispensing valves can be placed, so that the yellow glue can be applied quickly, and the speed will be faster than the original speed.

  2. Apply yellow glue to PTC heating element

  It belongs to the medium precision application, with more strict requirements for dispensing width and flow, small volume of heating element and accurate control of glue amount, so as to accurately dispensing and avoid uneven application of glue or unstable flow control. Our company's Wanjiang dispensing machine branch personnel developed a special yellow glue dispensing valve, which can be used in the application of PTC heating element.
  Our company has professional dispensing machine and dispensing valve, which is the core technology. You can send your products to do proofing in the past! If the production speed and dispensing quality can meet the demand, we can continue to talk about it. It is not appropriate. We can also choose the principle mode of production, which will not affect the production rhythm of your company, nor will there be any loss of interest. Finding a new method can not only strengthen the production efficiency, but also improve its own profit.