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Dongguan three axis yellow glue dispenser

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  Yellow glue, as a hot glue, has special accessories. Because the glue viscosity belongs to the middle and upper level, the requirements for dispensing valve can be met, so it can be used with machines to achieve yellow glue coating. General products have requirements for yellow glue, such as glue amount, coating precision, control effect, etc., which are all core requirements. Matching machines according to products is the most appropriate. Yellow glue coating makes Use yellow glue dispenser, correct.
  Dongguan dispenser manufacturer, one of which is called Chinese system automation equipment, can find relevant information and qualifications in Baidu and Alibaba. If you need for dispensing, and need manufacturers in Dongguan area, our company's manufacturers are the best. Because of the proximity of the place, we can fully match the manufacturers, whether in the early stage of machine production or in the later stage of after-sales service, they will be faster than the general manufacturers In Dongguan area, choose dispensing machine manufacturers, definitely choose the Chinese system!
  Yellow glue dispenser, also known as yellow glue dispenser, meets the requirements of dot, straight line, arc, circle and irregular curve application. It has multiple dispensing modes. 999 groups of dispensing files can be set to meet the requirements of 999 kinds of product application. Each file can be recorded with serial number to meet the needs of industry application. It can solve the complicated procedures of programming each time. When the product is replaced, the program can be replaced. The program can be re dispensing It can be preserved for life.

  Yellow glue dispenser parameters

  Type: automatic dispensing machine
东莞点胶机   Model: zz-4331x
  Dispensing stroke: 400 * 300 * 300 * 100 (length can be customized)
  Transmission mode: stepper motor + synchronous belt (screw rod + servo (optional))
  Repeated dispensing accuracy: ± 0.025%
  Dispensing accuracy: 0.1mm
  Minimum glue output: 0.01ml
  Glue out control: air pressure and inner diameter of dispensing needle
  Machine shaft load: x10g, y10g, z5g
  Dispensing moving speed: 500mm / S
  Environmental humidity: 20 ~ 90%
  Temperature: 0 ° ~ 40 °
  Machine power and power: 220V 350W
黄胶涂胶机   Weight: 55kg
  Dispensing valve type: Yellow dispensing valve
  For the yellow glue dispenser also have a certain understanding, if you have this yellow glue coated friends, you can recommend to come over! Our equipment is sold all over the country, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with the largest number of machines sold. As our company is a dispenser manufacturer in Dongguan, we usually use video teaching method, but we can't deal with the problems, and we will repair them on site.
  Our company has a well-known manufacturer among Dongguan dispenser manufacturers, which has the strength of producing and customizing yellow glue dispenser. Yellow glue can be applied in the industry. Our machines can achieve glue application, and some of them need to be modified. These are all the glue dispensing tasks that can be achieved. The advantage of choosing manufacturers lies in the glue application effect. The yellow glue dispenser fails to meet the effect requirements. It is certain You can also come to our company to test the machine! This can directly see whether the machine can meet the dispensing needs.