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Apply yellow glue to the bottom of computer hard disk

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  Computer hard disk gluing is a routine thing that can't be done any more. Gluing can not only play a sealing effect, but also play a protective role, and also have a heat dissipation effect. There are many gluing effects. Of course, proper glue and machine should be used to achieve an efficient gluing method. I am the technology and effect that the machine can solve the requirement of applying yellow glue on the bottom of computer hard disk Rate.
  Each computer hard disk needs the same amount of glue. Our technology can meet the needs of applying yellow glue. For glue control, we can also use air pressure and time control to control the amount of each computer hard disk in the range of demand. The quality of each product is consistent and the control effect is accurate, so as to ensure the daily production quality and speed of the factory. For the problem of inaccurate manual control of glue amount, we use our machine It can be completely solved.
  For the yellow glue application of computer hard disk, we will make a glue application solution. As long as the manufacturer tells us the cost, efficiency and glue application requirements, then we can make a suitable yellow glue dispenser according to the needs, and then we can apply yellow glue to computer hard disk for proofing to see how the efficiency is. To solve the problem, we need to make proper dispenser and valve according to the demand. As long as the efficiency of dispensing is controlled accurately, the effect of computer hard disk is achieved.
  Our company also has some core technology in the application of electronic yellow glue. We have applied PTC heating element coating, horn shell coating, electronic element coating and so on. We have made more than ten manufacturers of electronic yellow glue in large and small scale. The machine is manufactured according to the needs of the manufacturers, so we don't need to worry about the efficiency and quality problems! The dispenser produced by our company has a quality of no less than 99.8%, which is the statistical data of many years' production by the manufacturer. The production speed is quite 4-5 employees, all of which are measured data!