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Red glue dispensing for printed circuit board

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  It's not the first time to write an article about PCB dispensing. There are many methods for PCB dispensing, depending on which type of glue your company uses. Some of them will use silica gel for fixing components, and some will use yellow glue, while the red glue is used on the tin dot for dispensing. Each dispensing machine will be different, and the operation requirements will be different , see your company's requirements specifically. Today's editor talks about the way of red glue dot on PCB.
  Red glue dispensing has a high demand for accuracy. Generally, the solder joints on PCB are very small, which needs to meet the demand for solder joint dispensing. There is a demand for glue quantity control of dispensing machine, with the accuracy of 0.1mm, flow control of 0.5ml (0.5g), accurate glue handle control and high accuracy, so as to realize PCB dispensing. The overflow of glue quantity will directly affect the normal operation of PCB. Each quantity Good control is a good product. It is recommended that the tabletop visual dispensing machine produced by our company be used for PCB dispensing.
  Desktop type visual dispensing machine uses visual device for dispensing. After identifying each dispensing point, it can fundamentally control the glue. After the second dispensing, it can automatically scan and dispensing again. Each point can control the same effect, control the glue precision, and use the visual dispensing system, which is equivalent to positioning once before each dispensing. The general dispensing machine is basically At the beginning of one positioning, if there is no deviation, it will not be positioned again. The desktop visual dispensing machine is positioned every time, which is equivalent to the same effect when dispensing PCB. The dispensing deviation rate is very small, basically the same point, and the repeated dispensing accuracy can be ± 0.001%, which is very high.
  Both PCB dispensing and SMT placement machine dispensing are desktop visual dispensing machines. Our company has also made many cases. If you have the demand for red glue dispensing, you can contact our company to see our case, and make a decision no later! You can leave a contact information: our case engineering telephone and wechat: 136-6281-2001