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How much is the price of a red glue dispenser?

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  Red glue dispenser is based on the type of price, different configuration is completely different price, the price is divided into levels, respectively, there are fifteen thousand, thirty-six thousand, fifty-eight, etc., there is this level of price, the use of parts are different, some dispensing valve prices are eighteen thousand, the price is very high, parts are the determinant of the price, let Xiaobian analysis with you.
  The price of 15000 yuan is mainly for the desktop type three-axis dispenser platform with dispensing device and the first set of fixture, which belongs to the basic set. Although it can carry out red glue dispensing, the effect of dispensing flexibility is relatively poor. It needs to manually adjust the dispensing position, and the control effect is completely using the dispensing syringe. Every time the glue is replaced, it needs to carry out one-to-one dispensing, and the dispensing accuracy is relatively low, barely enough.
  Thirty six thousand is a dispensing machine with visual system, which is called Desktop visual dispensing machine. It can automatically identify the dispensing position. For example, there are a lot of spots that need to be coated with red glue, and the dispensing accuracy is very high, so there is no overflow problem. With the visual dispensing system, it can scan again and again to realize the re positioning of each dispensing, as long as the first dispensing does not Problem, there is a problem in the next dispensing, but the next dispensing will automatically adjust to the original dispensing position, which is the advantage of visual dispensing system, which can automatically identify dispensing.
  What's the price of fifty-eight thousand red glue dispensers? Mainly in the dispensing valve and vision system, the dispensing valve needs to use up to 20000 yuan. It is a spray dispensing valve, which can achieve 250 dispensing times per minute. How fast is the speed? Other machines can complete 10 boards in one minute, and it can complete 25 boards, which is very fast and expensive. Your company can select the red dispensing machine according to the actual demand of red dispensing, which is needed every day Mass production, you can choose the highest one, high cost, fast cost recovery.
  The machines used for red glue dispensing are different from those used for steel mesh scraping, and the prices are different. Although red glue is used, the demand is different. The price of red glue dispensing machine depends on the actual demand of the manufacturer, so we can know how much it costs. According to the core of the manufacturer, our company will have a price evaluation standard. If you have a demand for our machine or want to know about it, please call our company Phone! 136-6281-2001 (wechat same number)