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Red glue dispensing

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  There are many methods for dispensing red glue, such as manual dispensing, automatic dispensing and scraping. According to the core requirements, choosing the right dispensing mode can play a very good role in dispensing effect. The right dispensing effect can meet the needs of manufacturers. Without the need for manufacturers to change the original production process, the machine can be put on directly, and the production can be carried out.
  Desktop visual dispensing machine is mainly a machine for dispensing red glue. For example, the automatic dispensing machine used for dispensing printed circuit board is this one, which can accurately locate and high-precision dispensing effect, so that it has a very obvious core effect in the dispensing effect of printed circuit board, can solve a variety of dispensing problems, improve the dispensing effect, and meet the needs of customers according to the core requirements of the product Please, this is what our company has been pursuing.
  The core of PCB dispensing lies in the accuracy. There are tin spots on the PCB, which need to be applied to fix the electronic components, but there should be no floating height or overflow. This is a great test for the effect of desktop visual dispensing machine. If it fails to meet the standard, it will definitely not meet the demand. Our company will fundamentally solve the dispensing problem according to the specific demand to avoid dispensing Problem, affecting production efficiency, improving the cost of manufacturers, which is not what our company wants, so in technology, we have been working very hard to achieve today's achievements, and can completely solve the dispensing demand of PCB, so as to improve the core requirements of manufacturers.
  The same is true for dispensing in SMT Mounter. The use of high-end automatic dispensing machine can fundamentally solve the problem of red glue dispensing, with faster dispensing efficiency and higher quality products. The machine has gradually become one of the core equipment to replace the manual, placing the manual in a more reasonable position. The manufacturer can modify some production modes to make the production more smooth.