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Furniture gluing

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  Furniture gluing can be done manually or automatically. Our company mainly produces automatic machines, involving automatic furniture gluing technology, similar to hot-melt glue spraying on leather sofa, which can be used in our company. The spraying is even, the dosage is appropriate, and the production efficiency must be improved. The sofa should be glued at the back or in the front, so as to improve the tension and toughness. The spraying should be even, so as to improve the performance Production efficiency and quality, manual spraying, certainly no machine more convenient and neat.
  Our company has a suitable machine for furniture gluing. The machine is designed independently from the structure. It is designed according to the requirements of furniture gluing. It fundamentally meets the requirements of gluing. To avoid the core problem of gluing in production, it involves the machine structure and gluing procedure. It can be designed according to the needs of the manufacturer. Generally, furniture gluing can only be done if it meets the independent requirements of the manufacturer, otherwise it cannot be done To meet the needs of the manufacturer, it will not work. In addition, there will be an independent glue applicator, called multi axis glue applicator.
  The core of the glue application technology is glue control, because the glue control effect determines the product quality, so if you want to use the glue application, you must have a very good glue applicator, where to buy it? We must buy from the manufacturer of glue applicator, so that the quality and after-sales are guaranteed. If we want to avoid production problems, the manufacturer is the best choice. With mature after-sales and production system, we can solve the problems that the manufacturer will face and encounter. This is the advantage of the manufacturer. The effect of glue application of fire-proof board and furniture will be different, and the structure of the machine will be different.
  The dispensing valve, which is in line with the use of all-purpose glue, is a conventional large flow dispensing valve. Compared with the glue with high viscosity of all-purpose glue, it has good gluing effect. The glue with low viscosity is not suitable for use. If the glue has viscosity, the viscosity range will determine the type of dispensing valve. Different viscosity will have different gluing valves. In this way, the gluing effect will be well controlled to avoid In the fire board or furniture gluing problems.
  Multi axis gluing machine is to apply fire-proof board gluing, multi axis gluing at the same time, one-time finish the plane gluing, the effect will have more obvious demand, do not need the second gluing, the speed is fast, the gluing meets, will have better effect, our company can also design the appropriate gluing machine according to your needs, before the fire-proof board gluing is also manual, later the boss wants to improve the gluing effect, choose Choose glue machine, but the single axis is still slow, and then designed a multi axis way to solve the problem of glue uniformity, furniture glue is the same.