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SMT placement machine dispensing

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  The dispensing technology of SMT Mounter is realized by the core machine manufacturing technology. After upgrading and refitting by the manufacturer, it can solve the dispensing problem of SMT Mounter that will appear at present. It has changed greatly in accuracy, accuracy and functionality, and fundamentally solved the dispensing problem.
  There are two types of red glue dispensing technology. According to the core needs of the manufacturer, it is recommended to use desktop type visual dispensing machine or gantry type. Both machines are modified by our company's Chinese system. The dispensing device is replaced to meet the requirements of red glue dispensing. There is also a heating system, which can be heated after dispensing to ensure that it solidifies under high temperature, speed up dispensing and solve the problem of glue Solidification problem.
  The price of a red glue dispenser that meets the requirements of SMT Mounter is about 50000 yuan. The type is desktop visual dispenser, and the price of gantry type is higher. The main advantages lie in the automatic delivery of products and automatic positioning dispensing. The production speed is faster, accurate, and the defect rate is low. These core technologies have good characteristics on the basis of technology. They are manufactured according to the needs of manufacturers One of the core characteristics of our company.
  Red glue dispenser is expensive, but the effect is very good. It can solve many dispensing problems, fundamentally control the production efficiency, ensure the quality, and produce faster results. Desktop visual dispenser can realize micro dispensing technology. It can well control the glue flow and ensure the uniformity and effect of dispensing.
  The dispensing of printed circuit board generally adopts desktop type visual dispensing machine, working principle: manually place the printed circuit board on the working platform, then the machine will automatically identify the dispensing position, and then carry out red glue dispensing, each point will have a core visual dispensing point control, control the amount of red glue from the effect, fundamentally solve the problem of glue flow, red glue dispensing effect is not Constant bar, dispensing valve belongs to the imitation import dispensing valve, dispensing accuracy and service life are basically the same as those of foreign countries.