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How to realize automatic thread sealing technology

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  Screw sealing is to apply glue to the screw to prevent it from loosening for a long time. It is used more in some industries with high precision, such as medical treatment, aviation and automobile. Each screw affects the operation of the product, while the maintenance and detection costs are high. To ensure the daily use quality of the product, screw sealing is inevitable, the machine price is high, and the production efficiency is fast.
  The thread sealing is mainly applied to the thread. To make a special manufacturing, it can realize the side dispensing. Because a screw has a very small specification, the product dispensing needs to be very careful to have a better dispensing effect. The design of the screw dispensing machine is also quite special, because the screw dispensing is the side. On the platform, a rotation function will be added to solve a production problem Products, according to the product core, our company can achieve very good results, because we are professional.

  Characteristics of screw thread adhesive

  1. Strong corrosion resistance, will form a protective layer on the thread.
  2. It has strong fixation effect and good fixation effect, which can avoid corrosion for a long time.
  3. Under the condition of compression, earthquake resistance and high pressure, the effect is still strong, which can effectively solve the earthquake resistance and impact force.
  4. It is widely used. It can meet the application requirements of many electronic industries,
  The machine that can be used for screw glue application is called screw glue applicator. It is specially manufactured for screw sealing and dispensing to ensure good dispensing effect. It uses very suitable dispensing accessories on the machine. According to the characteristics of screw glue dispensing, it uses a series of accessories, and then makes corresponding adjustment according to the demand of dispensing industry to ensure that when using screw glue, it can meet the needs of the industry Quality and details will not be introduced one by one. If you are interested, you can watch it in another article!
  The screw dispensing effect is directly related to the machine and accessories. The manufacturer will determine the production factors according to the actual situation. According to the core requirements of the manufacturer, our company can manufacture the corresponding screw gluing equipment, and there will be some non-standard requirements. If your company has such requirements, please call the hotline: 13662812001.