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Application method of screw thread adhesive

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  The sealing effect of screws is directly related to the use of machines. At present, it is no longer the world of manual gluing. Now, there is also an automatic gluing method. Therefore, the automatic thread gluing machine can be considered for screw sealing, which can achieve faster gluing speed, faster gluing speed, and relative quality assurance. The production speed of the machine is more stable than that of manual operation, and the quality is good, generally There will be no glue overflow.

  Characteristics of screw thread sealant

  1. Sealing and leak proof, gluing on the thread can ensure the tightness of the thread.
  2. Anti corrosion, with a certain anti-corrosion function, can be isolated from the air.
  3. It has plugging effect and strong sealing property.
  4. The fixing feature can fix the screw and nut together stably.
  The screw glue automatic machine is a combination of screw glue machine platform and anaerobic glue dispensing valve. The stainless steel pressure barrel is used to store glue, and then the glue dispensing controller is configured to fundamentally control the fluidity of screw glue and make it apply glue according to the requirements to ensure that the effect of screw glue dispensing is the same as that required by the manufacturer. The characteristics of screw glue is very obvious. The effect of screw glue dispensing is based on The core requirements of the product manufacturing, to meet the screw dispensing.
  Screw glue will be equipped with a fixture, which is used to glue the screw after fixing the screw. The fixture can rotate automatically to ensure that every position is coated with glue, which can solve the problem of round screw. Now many manufacturers choose the way of automatic gluing machine. The sealing effect of screw thread is good, the speed is fast, and the production efficiency is guaranteed every day Screw dispensing, welcome to consult manufacturers Oh!