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Daily maintenance of three axle packaging automatic glue dis

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In the manufacturing industry production line, three axis automatic dispensing machine belongs to an auxiliary production equipment, mainly responsible for dispensing package or dispensing docking work of various industries production, dispensing work can perform various X, Y, Z axis, through the automatic dispensing mode can help manufacturers save a lot of labor demand, can perform the single computer or even single mode multi machine, and ensure high quality items after dispensing. If the user buys the three axis automatic glue dispenser, we should pay attention to the maintenance work of the equipment in order to ensure the service life after the daily glue packaging.
In the case of long-term use of the best three axis automatic dispensing machine package cleaning and maintenance work, if you need to replace the old glue glue first need to clean the inner glue transport pipeline, first open the discharge valve dispensing glue, and then the rest of the old glue inside out, and then use the low irritating cleaning agent into the cleaning, after cleaning this part of the waste water can be poured out, and then to the new glue, avoiding the two normal use of glue mixed affect pipeline.
The investment depends on the maintenance and cleaning work in the daily maintenance work is perfect, because the three axis automatic dispensing machine to perform various packaging work dispensing arm support, so the dispensing arm burdens, operators need to check the three axis dispensing machine mechanical arm and guide the lubrication of the standards before work, if dispensing the machine can easily remove dust near the presence of a foreign body, in order to reduce dispensing cleaning work investment.
If three axis automatic dispensing machine is finished after packaging work, it is better to turn off the power supply to ensure the service life of dispensing equipment, and also to help users save consumption costs.